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6 Ways to Avoid Getting a Sunburn This Summer

September 26th, 2021

Unless you live underground like Bruce Willis in the film ’12 Monkeys’ you will have had exposure to the sun, and you will know that it is hot, (about 5000 Degrees C on the surface!) And if you spend too long out in the sun you can get burnt. The sun’s rays travel the millions of miles across the solar system, push through our atmosphere and still manage to burn our skin. It is so easy to forget about the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and just run out with no protection, when we get so little of it in the UK. Exposure without any protection can result in not only serious burns, but can cause skin cancer which is potentially fatal.

Here are some tips on how to avoid sunburn:

Wear Sun Cream

Sun cream is a lotion, which when applied to the skin works to absorb or reflect the sun’s rays, protecting your skin underneath. It is possible to get different ‘factors’ of sun cream which give varying levels of protection. The higher the factor, the more protective it is for your skin.

Wear a Hat and a T-shirt

Why risk missing any spots on your back and getting them burned when you can just wear a hat and a t-shirt to create a thick barrier of protection. The downsides are that you will be hot and may end up with a ‘t-shirt sun tan.’

Use a Parasol

By erecting a parasol or large umbrella for you to sit or lie under while sunbathing, you get to enjoy all the warmth of a hot summers day, wearing whatever you want, without having to worry about directly exposing your skin to the sun.

Stay Indoors

Just because it is a sunny day, there is no law saying that you have to go outside and lie in your smalls. Why not shun convention and stay in when it’s hot. You could even get air conditioning to avoid the heat too. Perhaps you could spoil yourself to some new elizabeth arden cosmetics by saving on sun screen! Buying quality cosmetics can not only make you look better but also feel better. Aftershave can also be another option, no need to suffer in the heat!

Only Go Out at Night

With so many shops and offices open 24hrs it is perfectly possible to never have to go outside during the day time. The down side of this is that you may develop a vitamin D deficiency (vitamin D is an essential nutrient for your body which comes from the sun), and you will risk losing all your friends who aren’t vampires.

Move to a Country in the Arctic Circle

Countries in the Arctic Circle only get 6 months of sunlight a year, so this would be a great place to avoid sunburn. These countries include Norway, Sweden. Finland, parts of Russia, Northern Alaska, parts of Canada, Greenland and an Island off Iceland.